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Your Body Shaping Plan

We know you have questions. How many areas should I get treatments on? How stubborn is the fat typically in this area? How many sessions will it take to achieve the results I want? Why can't I treat more than one area at a time? Is my BMI too high to make ultrasonic cavitation effective? 

That's why our expert Cavitation Technician is there to walk you through the whole process in your FREE consultation. Your time in the consultation will answer all your questions. We want to hear about your goals and your timeline for what's down the road. We want to make sure you body can be its healthiest during your treatments. We want to be strategic with your time and budget to achieve body shaping results that will astound you. Because we know your time is valuable, we have provided our pricing options below. Your Cavitation Technician will advise you to which plan is best for the areas and results you want. Purchasing is available at your consultation. 

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